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Fire Service Operation – Phase I & II

Electrodyn’s flagship product, Fire Service, has been installed in over 35,000 elevator systems across North America since 1986. Sales have shown no signs of slowing down either. Electrodyn’s Fire Service retrofit is a viable solution for legacy and relay-logic systems … Continue reading

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What FEMA Says About Elevator Flood Prevention

FEMA’s¬†Elevator Installation Technical Bulletin states that all elevator systems should have a means by which to reduce damage to elevators in the case of a flood event. Read More

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The Deadline for Firefighter’s Emergency Operation in Chicago is Quickly Approaching!

Per Chicago Building Code 18-30-320:On or before January 1, 2017, all elevators with Phase II Emergency In-Car Operation shall either comply with 1.¬† all of the requirements set forth in 2.27.3 through 2.27.8 of ASME, as modified by items (46) … Continue reading

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